Cosplay Costumes Series: Sgt. Hammer from Heroes of the Storm – Gloves

This is part two in my four-part cosplay costumes series for Sgt. Hammer from Heroes of the Storm. This video will teach you how to make Sgt. Hammer’s Gloves. Check out the other three videos in this series to complete your Sgt. Hammer cosplay costume.

Part 1: Sgt. Hammer’s Belt, Bows & Hammer
Part 3: Sgt. Hammer’s Helmet & Goggles
Part 4: Sgt. Hammer’s Wig & Clothes

Here’s the tutorial video

Download Pattern here.

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Gauntlet Style Leather Gloves. These are the gloves that I used for this project. They are similar in style to Sgt. Hammer’s gloves in the Blizzard Cosplay Guide.

DIY Sgt. Hammer Cosplay Costumes



gauntlet style motorcycle gloves
red spray paint rustoleum colonial red satin finish
white acrylic paint
brown or black permanent marker


Start with a pair of gauntlet style motorcycle gloves. Use a pair of scissors to cut the fingertips off of the gloves.

Once you have the fingers cut to your liking, take the gloves outside into a well-ventilated area to spray paint them with a red base coat. I used Rustoleum colonial red in a satin finish. You can use any red paint that you have. You may want to spray paint two coats for full coverage. Allow the paint to dry in between coats.

Once the gloves are completely dry it’s time to add the white accents with a white acrylic paint. Starting with the band on the front of the wrist. Then fill in the area around the circle on the back of the hand and extend the wrist stripe down to join it. Then paint a thin strip around the top edge of the glove.

When the white paint on front of the gloves has dried, flip it over and paint the entire back of the wrist area. You may want to use two coats of white to get nice opaque coverage. Let each coat dry before continuing.

Draw two stars inside the circles on the back of the hands and fill the shapes in with white paint. When all of the white paint is completely dry, the final step is to outline all of the shapes with a dark brown or black marker.


Thanks for crafting with me. If you make a Sgt. Hammer Cosplay Costume or any other Heroes of the Storm -inspired craft leave me a comment and let me know, or tag a photo on Twitter or Instagram #craftymcfangirl. I’d love to see what you do!


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Heroes of the Storm Jewelry: HotS Charm Bracelet. The charms on this bracelet are inspired by many of the battlegrounds in Heroes of the Storm. The raven represents Cursed Hollow. The spider represents Tomb of the Spider Queen. The Anubis head represents Sky Temple. The angel wing represents Battlefield of Eternity. The treasure chest represents Blackheart’s Bay. The zerg represents Braxis Holdout. The flower represents Garden of Terror. The sword represents Infernal Shrines. The pumpkin represents Towers of Doom. The warhead represents Warhead Junction and the Dragon represents Dragonshire.

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HotS Charm Bracelet inspired by Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds