Here is where I share information and links for products and websites that might be helpful to you in your crafting quests. Some of the links below may be affiliate links meaning if you end up buying the product or service after clicking the link I will get a commission from it. If you are uncomfortable with that, just open a new window and search for the product or service yourself and you should find it easily enough.


Websites where I order craft supplies, materials and Fabric for my craft tutorials:


Tools of the Trade: These are the tools that I use repeatedly in my tutorials and videos

An iron and ironing pad   •   Self healing cutting mats   •   paint brush set   •   Xacto knife and blades   •   Fabric Scissors   •   Regular Scissors  •  Glue Gun  •  Glue Sticks  •  Mod Podge (Regular/Gloss)  •  Mod Podge (Matte)


Cosplay Toolbox: These are some of the materials and tools I use for costuming, building armor and making cosplay elements for my tutorials as well as my personal cosplay.

EVA foam •  Worbla •  Wonderflex •  3mm Cintra and 6mm Sintra   •   A heat gun   •   A rotary tool with a Flex Shaft   •   Bondo   •