Add Some Magic to your Shannara Chronicles Costume with Elf Stones

Elf stones are the perfect accessory to a Shannara Chronicles Costume. This is a beginner resin craft with basic mold making and a No-Sew pouch. This DIY craft project will make your cosplay magical.

Here’s the tutorial video

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DIY Shannara Chronicles Costume Elf Stones



three stones
mold putty
small flat ramekin dish
Resin casting supplies – these are the exact brands I used. You can use other brands or purchase smaller quantities of these products.
easy cast clear resin
1 oz. mixing cups with measurements
wooden craft sticks
latex gloves
teal ink
suede fabric
straight pins
cutting mat
Xacto knife
gloss varnish
paint brush


Make a mold: Separate out one piece of white putty and one piece of yellow putty. Make sure they are as close to the same size a possible. Mix the two pieces together until you get a light yellow piece of putty. make sure you get both pieces completely mixed together. And work quickly. As soon as the two colors mix, the mold putty only has two or three minutes of working time

Place the putty ball into a shallow dish and flatten it with your fingers. Then press the stones into the putty. Make sure the stones are far enough apart so that they will make three distinct molds. Make sure that the yellow putty comes up to the top of each stone. Set the putty aside to cure. This will take about 20 minutes

Once the silicone mold has cured you may remove it from the dish and remove the stones.

Use water in a small mixing cup to determine how much resin the mold will hold. This way you will know how much resin to mix up.

Make Resin Elf Stones: Start with easy cast clear casting epoxy. In a small cup. mix equal parts of part A and Part B, by volume. I used the measurements on the side of the cup. You can also pour equal amounts into two cups and then mix them together.

Make sure to stir the resin together thoroughly and make sure there are no strings of part A or B visible in the mixture. If you don’t mix it enough, the resin will never set and the resulting product will remain slightly sticky forever.

Use two drops of teal blue ink to color the resin. If you have mica or pearlex powers instead of ink you could use them to color the resin. You can also add glitter if you want. Scrape the sides and make sure the color is evenly mixed

fill the three cavities of the mold with teal colored resin – fill them right to the top without letting the resin run over. You can pop any bubbles that rise to the surface with a flame. Then, very carefully, set the filled mold aside to cure. It will take one day for a soft cure. 72 hours for a hard cure.

Make A the pouch out of suede or faux suede fabric: Download and print out the pattern from Cut out the pattern piece. Then pin it to your fabric and cut out a circle of suede.

Put the circle on a cutting mat and use an X-acto blade to cut each slit shown on the pattern. Make sure that you cut through the paper and the fabric on each slit. Once you have cut each slit you can remove the pattern and check your work.

Next it’s time to make a drawstring. You can use a leather tie, a piece of brown ribbon, or you can make a drawstring by cutting a long, thin strip of your suede fabric.

Thread the drawstring through the slits forward and backward until you have a complete circle. Then carefully draw up the string and your pouch is done.

24 hours later, One your resin elf stones have cured it’s time to pop them out of the mold.

If any resin leaked out of the mold you may have some bits that need to be cut or sanded off. If you have waited 24 hours for a soft cure you may be able to trim the excess off with scissors like I am showing here. If it has been 72 or more hours, the resin will be much harder and you may need to use sandpaper to buff off any seams or edges.

The elf stones will appear matte when they are demolded and will need a coat of gloss to shine them up. Brush on a coat of gloss varnish and let it dry. Once the gloss has dried it’s time to put your elf stones in your pouch and your shannara chronicles cosplay prop is ready to go.



Thanks for crafting with me. If you make these elf stones or any other Shannara Chronicles-inspired craft leave me a comment and let me know, or tag a photo on Twitter or Instagram #craftymcfangirl. I’d love to see what you do!


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