Make this Pokemon Hat DIY and watch Bulbasaur Evolve into a Cap

When you make this Pokemon hat tutorial you can evolve a hat into Bulbasaur.  You already know that Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur and Venusar, but did you know he can also become a cap? Give this Pokemon DIY Bulbasaur Cap a try. It is one of the quickest crafts (and shortest videos) I’ve posted! All it takes to make a Bulbasaur cap is some fabric paint and you are on your way. It’s a fun and geeky accessory DIY to wear for an afternoon of Pokemon Go in the park.

Here’s the tutorial video

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How To Make A Bulbasaur Cap



reference picture of Bulbasaur
green cap
fabric paint set


Use your reference picture and a pencil to draw Bulbasaur’s face on the cap. Draw his nose, eyes, and the pattern on his forehead. Try to make both sides match as much as you can.

Start with white fabric paint. You only need a little bit. Paint the white parts of Bulbasaur’s eyes.

Mix green and a little black and a little blue to make a darker green for the pattern on Bulbasaur’s forehead.

Next fill in Bulbasaur’s eyes with red.

The last step is to outline all of the shapes with a thin like of black fabric paint, and add the nose and eyebrows.

Once the fabric paint is completely dry, your Bulbasaur cap is done.



Thanks for crafting with me. If you make a Bulbasaur Cap or any other Pokemon-inspired craft leave me a comment and let me know, or tag a photo on Twitter or Instagram #craftymcfangirl. I’d love to see what you do!


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