It’s Time To Learn About Eraser Clay With A Peppermint Butler DIY

This Peppermint Butler DIY video is my first time using eraser clay. This amazing stuff is similar to polymer clay but after you bake it, it becomes an eraser. The polymer stays bendable and somewhat soft. I found the clay to be more difficult to blend that polymer clay, and the available colors are more limited. But you can create additional colors by combining two or more colors. If it seems intriguing to you I would recommend giving it a try.

This video is a collaboration with CandiWare. Check out her video here

Here’s the tutorial video

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Peppermint Butler DIY Eraser



eraser clay
Xacto knife
clay tools
tacky glue
baking pan
silicone mat
a pencil


Use black, white, red and blue eraser clay. About one half of a square of white. About one third of a square of blue. About one quarter of a square of red. And a really small piece of black

Condition the clay between your fingers until it is nice and soft and easily workable.

Start with the blue clay. Save a little bit aside. Use the majority of the blue clay to make a semi-circle around the eraser on the pencil. Let a little bit of the pencil eraser stick up through the blue clay.

Next work with the white clay. Create a semi circle of white clay with a flat bottom. Then use the back of your clay tool to make a small indentation into the flattened bottom. Then, fit the white semi-circle over the pencil eraser and shape it to fit the blue piece below it. Smooth it with your fingers.

Next work with a little bit of the blue. Flatten it out, and use a blade to cut it into a pennant shape to make the tails on the back of the Peppermint Butler’s jacket.

Then flatten a small piece of white clay and use your blade to cut it into a triangle to make the front of the butler’s shirt.

Next add the bow tie with red clay. Start with a little dot of red in the center. Then flatten and trim two tiny triangles and add them to either side.

Continuing on with the rest of the red clay you are going to add the red around the peppermint butler’s head. Using your blade, cut away a small triangle and fill it with red. Starting at the top center and continuing evenly on each side, until you have 5 or 7 triangles.

Next use the last of the blue and roll out a thin snake and cut it in half. Use your tool to make a small indentation where the arm attaches in the side of the blue. Then repeat the process on the other side. Make an indentation and attach the second arm.

Next work on the face. Roll out two tiny balls of black clay for the eyes and an even more tiny thin snake for the mouth. Then roll out a tiny ball of white for the inside of the eyes. Make indentations and apply the black dots for the eyes. Then apply tiny bits of white inside the black. Then apply the tiny black snake to make the mouth.

Remove the pencil and the eraser is ready to bake.

Next apply the eraser to the pencil with tacky glue. Put a generous amount of glue inside the eraser and stick the pencil inside. Let the glue dry completely before using the eraser.


If you make a peppermint butler eraser or any other Adventure Time-inspired craft leave me a comment and let me know, or tag a photo on Twitter or Instagram #craftymcfangirl. I’d love to see what you do!


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