Make A Tiny Needle Felted League of Legends Poro Plush

This tiny needle felted League of Legends Poro plush is so adorable. It fits in the palm of your hand. You can make a whole bunch of them and make a big poro pile. Just make sure you have enough biscuits to feed them all. This video shows you how to needle felt a simple little poro. It’s a great beginner DIY felting project for a League of Legends fan.

Here’s the tutorial video

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DIY Needle Felted League of Legends Poro



sponge ball
ivory felting wool
pink felting wool
brown felting wool
needle tool
felting foam mat, tools and finger protectors
black doll eyes


The Body:
Start with a foam sponge ball. (But this is optional. You can start with ivory felting wool and create a ball entirely out of wool if you prefer. I like the sponge ball because it saves you a lot of wool and it starts you out with the general shape you want to end up with.)

Wrap the ball with ivory felting wool and begin punching with your needle tool to secure it to the form. The felting needles have small barbs along their length, so that the wool becomes felted as you repeatedly stab at your project. The more times you stab it, the more felted the wool will become. You will feel the fibers begin to tighten up. Keep moving your project, adding more felt and rotating it as you go, so that it is evenly felted. This part will take some time and patience.

Once you have your ivory ball finished, choose one side and use your felting needle to create a flat spot so that your poro won’t roll around. This will become the bottom of the poro where you will eventually attach the feet.

The Tongue:
Work on a foam felting pad with the pink felting wool; take a small amount of pink wool and make a semi circle shape on the foam mat. Use your needle tool and your fingers to felt the pink wool into a flat tongue piece. Once you have the general shape felted, pull the piece off of the foam mat and flip it over. Continue to felt the second side. Tuck in the stray edges, but leave just a little bit of stray wool to work with hanging off the back of the tongue.

Attach the tongue to the poro. Use scissors to cut a slit in the ivory ball where you want the tongue to stick out. Then stick the tongue into the slit and use a felting needle to felt the two pieces together.

The Horns and Feet:
Work with the brown felting wool to make horns and feet for your poro. To create the horns, twist two small pieces of brown wool and begin needle felting them into a horn shape on your foam mat.

Decide where you want to position the horn and clip off any extra length. Use your scissors to create a hole and tuck the bottom of the horn into it. Then use your felting needle to attach the horn to the body and create a nice curve backward as you go. Then do the same thing on the other side. Do your best to make the horns look as even as possible. But they don’t have to be exactly the same.

Create and attach feet to your poro. I used the pieces that I cut off of my horns to make my feet. You can also use more brown wool to make two tiny feet and attach them to the bottom of your poro with a few stabs of your felting needle.

The Eyes:
Add the eyes. If you don’t have plastic doll eyes you can use a little bit of black felting wool instead. Use the awl tool or the tip of your scissors to make a hole for the doll eyes, then screw them into the body. You can add a dot of white glue on the eye before placing it in the body, of you want to.

The Mustache:
Make a poro mustache. You will need two more strands of ivory wool. And again you will want to work on a foam felting mat. Create two fluffy mustaches with the ivory wool. Try to make them match up as much as you can. You can leave the ends a little fluffy if you want to. Then place the mustaches on the body, and attach them using the felting needle. I used the fluffy end parts to felt into the body to make the join invisible.



If you make a needle felted poro or any other League of Legends-inspired craft leave me a comment and let me know, or tag a photo on Twitter or Instagram #craftymcfangirl. I’d love to see what you do!

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