Keep Your Treasures Inside A Supernatural Hunters Journal

It’s really fun to have a Supernatural hunters journal where you can keep your jewelry or hide any little items you want to. So check out my tutorial, and carry on my wayward son. You’ll have a treasure box when you are done.

Here’s the tutorial video

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DIY Supernatural Hunters Journal Box



paper or wood book box
nutmeg brown paint
cream or parchment paint
a paintbrush
mod podge matte
cream or ivory felt
glue gun and glue sticks


Download the pattern and print it out. Start with a paper book box and a print out of the cover. Paint the top cover of the book with a nutmeg brown paint. Once the top is dry, flip the project over and finish painting all of the nutmeg brown areas of the cover. Don’t forget to paint the thin edges on the inside cover.

Next it is time to trim out the pattern you downloaded and printed out. Cut it the same size as the front cover. Use a clean paintbrush to spread an even layer of Mod Podge Matte on the front cover. Carefully position the pattern, making sure you have it facing the correct direction. Gently smooth it down from the center outward removing all wrinkles and air bubbles. Then, trim any overhanging edges.

Once the Mod Podge has had a chance to dry a bit, it’s time to brush a layer of mod podge matte on top of the cover. Spread the mod podge quickly and evenly. Try not to brush the wet surface too much to avoid damaging the paper or smearing the ink on the printout.

While the cover is drying, it is time to finish the inside of your jewelry box by adding fabric and paint. Heat up your glue gun for this part.

Use the parchment paint to create the pages in your hunter’s journal. Paint the inside of the cover and the inside edges of your box. You can leave the bottom blank because we are going to cover it with felt in a minute. While the inside is drying, move on to painting the outside pages.

Now it’s time to add the felt bottom to your jewelry box. Measure the inside of the box. Then trace those measurements onto a piece of ivory felt or fabric, and carefully trim it out. You may have to trim the edges a few times to get it to fit perfectly. Once you have your fabric ready, use a hot glue gun to stick it to the bottom of the box.

Make sure that all of the paint and Mod Podge is completely dry before you use your box.


Thanks for crafting with me. If you make a Hunters Journal treasure box or any other Supernatural-inspired craft leave me a comment and let me know, or tag a photo on Twitter or Instagram #craftymcfangirl. I’d love to see what you do!


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