Disneybound? Make this Haunted Mansion Disney DIY

This Haunted Mansion Disney DIY craft tutorial gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make two Haunted Mansion Hair Bows. It even includes instructions on making the polymer clay skull decoration. This project is perfect for the Disneybound Haunted Mansion fan. These bows would also make a great geeky gift.

Here’s the tutorial video

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How To Make Two Haunted Mansion Hair Bows



For the Skull:
white polymer clay
clay tools
black acrylic paint
gloss glaze
a paint brush

For the Bows:
purple fabric
black and white fabric
cutting mat
glue gun and glue sticks
black and white striped ribbon (1.5 inches wide)
purple ribbon
A black rose button or small floral stem


How to make a polymer clay skull:

Starting with a ball of white clay, slightly flatten it out and shape the bottom of the circle into a bit of a teardrop shape. Use a clay tool to push in the eye sockets. Use a ball tool or toothpick to make the nose and mouth.

Bake according to the instructions on your clay package. Baking time and temperature will vary by clay brand and the size of your project.

Once your skull is baked and completely cooled, it’s time to paint the details on the face. Use black acrylic paint to fill in the eyes, nose and mouth. Let the paint dry completely before continuing.

Once the acrylic paint is dry, you can glaze the skull with a gloss glaze.

How to make fabric bows:

Use a cutting mat or ruler to measure and cut fabric into a 14 x 5 inch piece. Heat up your glue gun. Using the black and white fabric, fold one of the long edges of the fabric into the middle and glue it down. Then fold in the second long edge, and hot glue it down.

With the purple ribbon, cut two 15 inch strips and a third small piece of ribbon for the center. Hot glue two ribbon strips in a long x. Start with a dot of glue in the center and glue each ribbon on. Then hot glue the smaller strip straight up and down over the center of the X. Flip over the entire thing and hot glue the center of the bow together to make it more narrow. Fold the ends into the center and hot glue them down. Next take the four loose ends of the ribbon and glue each of them down in the back center of the bow.

Open your barrette and hot glue it to the back of the bow. Use a generous amount of hot glue so that it sticks very solidly to the fabric. Then thread the center ribbon into the barrette and glue it down to create the center of the bow.

Your bow is ready for the final decoration. Hot glue the polymer clay skull to the center of the bow. Remove any glue strings, and your first Haunted Mansion Bow is done.

Next we are going to make the purple bow. Prepare the purple fabric in the same way as we did the black and white piece. Fold in all of the edges and hot glue them down. Then fold in the ends and glue each one down in the center.

Cut a small piece of ribbon for the center of the bow. Glue your barrette to the back of the bow. Then thread the center ribbon into the barrette and glue it down to create the center of the bow.

Next, take your striped ribbon and create a bow. Tie it so that it is just slightly less wide than the fabric bow. Then trim the ends and make sure you have the loops even and flat. Then glue the ribbon bow to the front of the fabric bow. Glue it slightly lower than the middle so that you have some space above the ribbon bow.

Finish the second bow by gluing your floral decoration above the ribbon, and trimming the ends of the ribbon into neat points. And your Haunted Mansion Hair Bows are done.



Thanks for crafting with me. If you make a Haunted Mansion Hair Bow or any other Disney-inspired craft leave me a comment and let me know, or tag a photo on Twitter or Instagram #craftymcfangirl. I’d love to see what you do!


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