Make This Cute and Creepy Halloween DIY – Black Bat Jewelry

Level up your costume with this Halloween DIY. Make this black bat jewelry out of polymer clay. So cute for Halloween or any day!

This project is a collaboration with Gina Tepper. Check out her Jack Skellington DIY video.

Here’s the tutorial video

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Make This Cute and Creepy Halloween DIY – Black Bat Jewelry



black polymer clay
white polymer clay
clay tools
black acrylic paint is optional
gloss glaze
paint brush
eye pins
necklace chain
earring wires


Soften and shape a piece of black clay for the body of the bat.  It is a bit of a blob at the bottom that tapers to a flatter head.  With the side of your dotting tool roll the tool to create the space between the bat’s ears. Smooth the ears out to rounded points.

Next roll out a piece of black clay quite thin. This will become the bat wings. Use a blade to cut off the excess and make the wing strip the height of the bat’s body so the head will stick out on top. Trim the wing strip so that the wings will wrap around to the front of the body and just barely cross over each other. Then wrap the wings around the body and smooth them a bit.

Use a dotting tool to make two small indentations where you want the eyes to go.

The next step is to add an eye pin in the bottom of the bat. This way he will hang upside down from the necklace chain or earring wire.

Roll two tiny balls of white clay and put them in the indentations you made for the eyes. Use your dotting tool to smooth them down. Now your bat is ready to bake.

Bake according to the instructions on your clay package.  Baking time and temperature will vary by clay brand and the size of your project.

Once your bat is baked, it’s time to add the pupils in the eyes with acrylic paint and your dotting tool.

Once the paint has dried completely, you may want to add a coat of gloss glaze to protect your charm. You can use any kind of glaze. Let your charm dry completely before continuing.

The final step is to add a jump ring and chain to create a necklace.

Repeat the process to make two smaller bats and create earrings out of them.


Thanks for crafting with me. If you make black bat jewelry or any other Halloween-inspired craft leave me a comment and let me know, or tag a photo on Twitter or Instagram #craftymcfangirl. I’d love to see what you do!


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