Pixie shoes for your Tinkerbell costume or Disneybounding

This DIY is perfect if you are working on a Tinkerbell costume or if you want to Disneybound as Tink at the Disney Parks. You can use any pair of fabric shoes, just make sure you start with a really comfortable pair if you are going to be walking around Disneyland all day.

This project is part of my Disney Princess Project, so don’t forget to check out my other Disney princess-inspired craft tutorials, videos and posts.

Here’s the tutorial video

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DIY Tinkerbell Costume Shoes



white yarn
optional pom pom maker
white canvas shoes
green fabric paint
green glitter paint
paint brush
glue gun and glue sticks


Start by making two large white pom-poms. I used a large pom-pom maker but this is optional. You can wind the yarn around a piece of cardboard instead.

To use the pom-pom maker open one arm and wrap it entirely with yarn. Close that arm and open the second arm. Again, wrap it entirely with yarn. Close both arms and cut open the loops down the center groove. Once both side of the loops are cut open, take a piece of yarn and wrap it through the entire project. Tie it tightly with several knots. Then open the pom-pom maker from the center removing both sides and you will be left with your finished product.. Just fluff it out and trim any yarn that is too long

Repeat the process to make a second pompom.

Next it’s time to work on the canvas shoes. You can use green fabric paint. Or, another option is to use green acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium. Paint the outsides of both shoes completely except for the rubber soles. Let the green paint dry before continuing.

Once the base coat or green is dry you can add some sparkle with glitter paint. You can use green glitter paint like I did or you can use glitter mod podge or clear glitter paint. Just brush it on over the green layer. Let the glitter paint dry completely before continuing

Heat up your glue gun for the next part. Once the paint and the glitter on your shoes is completely dry, it’s time to glue on the pompoms with your hot glue gun.



Thanks for crafting with me. If you make a Tinkerbell Costume or any other Disney or Disneybounding-inspired craft leave me a comment and let me know, or tag a photo on Twitter or Instagram #craftymcfangirl. I’d love to see what you do!


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